Haas Automation Drill/Tap centre has higher speeds for increased feed rates and HSC

Editor: Eric Culp

The unit also offers smooth, quiet operation.

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The vertical machine’s spindle is coupled directly to the motor.
The vertical machine’s spindle is coupled directly to the motor.
(Source: Haas)

Haas Automation has announced that the latest generation of its DT-1 compact drill/tap centre uses a BT-30 taper spindle with 15,000 rpm, up from 12,000, for higher feed rates with small tools and high-speed machining operations.

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The machine has a 508mm x 406mm x 394mm work cube and 660mm x 381mm T-slot table in a compact footprint, Haas said. Rigid tapping of up to 5,000 rpm is now available, with up to four times higher retract speed. The spindle is coupled directly to the motor; the company said this provides smooth, quiet operation along with high levels of thermal stability.

An 11.2kW vector drive system provides 62Nm (peak) of cutting torque for milling and boring operations. The DT-1 cuts feed rates to 30.5m/min for high-speed milling. Its 20+1 side-mount tool changer enables fast switch-outs. Optional twin-chip augers transport chips to a rear exit so several units can be placed close together. A 170l flood coolant system is standard, with options for a programmable coolant nozzle and high-pressure through-spindle coolant systems.

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