EMO 2019 / Inovatools Drilling down quickly

Editor: Steffen Donath

A whole lot on display: Inovatools will be presenting a wide range of drills at their EMO booth, from application fields in the medical industry to mould-making.

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This Inovatool drill is designed to be used in the area of mould-making.
This Inovatool drill is designed to be used in the area of mould-making.
(Source: Inovatools)

At EMO, tool manufacturer Inovatools from Haunstetten near Kinding in Germany will be presenting a wide range of new tools. In addition to Inovatools First Choice recommendations and the Inoex Express Service, there will be a special focus on tools for mould construction (Mould & Die), medical engineering (Inomed) and aerospace (Inospace) at the trade show. The revised deep-hole drill product series (15xD to 30xD) will be a particular highlight, according to the company.

Tobias Eckerle, product manager at Inovatools, comments, “We have overhauled our range in this machining segment completely, resulting in our Deepmax deep-hole drills that offer outstanding performance values in terms of service life and cutting values compared with equivalent tools on the market.”

Besides other factors, the performance of the Deepmax is based on the geometry that has been adapted for this special drilling process and promises great chip removal for this application. To achieve this, Inovatools relies on a special polishing technique that creates smooth chip grooves. The front geometry with a 135° point angle is necessary for the centering of the drill. Four lands are designed for hole quality even with oblique outlets and cross-drilled holes.

The smooth Varocon high-performance coating that was developed for the application aids in fast chip flow and ensures a long tool service life, the company states. Tobias Eckerle says, “We are also using a newly developed process for edge preparation in order to optimise the cutting edges precisely for the machining challenges of the deep-drilling process. This keeps cutting forces low, makes for smooth running and maximizes service life.” Inovatools is offering the new Deepmax tools in 15xD, 20xD, 25xD and 30xD, which will all be available from stock.

In addition to the Deepmax products, a whole range of tools for diverse applications will be on display at Inovatools’ exhibition stand. These include the Inospace tools for the aerospace industry, Inomed for medical engineering and Mould & Die tools for tool and mould construction.

Examples of these include the Curvemax milling cutters in tool and mould construction. According to Inovatools, the CSC (curve segment cutting) milling cutters not only shorten the process times for finishing complex freeform surfaces but, in doing so, also increase the surface quality compared with the standard, full-radius milling cutters used previously.