Anniversary DME marks 70 years in mould goods supply

Editor: Eric Culp

From tooling house to global supplier, the company steps into its eighth decade of business.

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What started back in an American mould shop in Detroit, Michigan, in the 1930s has endured to become a leading supplier of standardised products for tool and mould makers.

Company founder Ivar (Ted) Quarnstrom started out building diecast dies and plastics moulds at the Quarnstrom Tool Company. He realised there could be a market for standardised dimensions of moulds and dies. Demand soon proved brisk enough for him to found Detroit Mold Engineering in 1942, the company now known as DME. The supplier said it started delivering standard mould bases to the fledgling American plastics industry only eight years after the the first injection moulding machine had been introduced in the United States.

The company now operates in 100 countries and has gone from offering two sizes of standard mould bases to selling a wide range of moulds, components, runnerless technolgies, die sets and surface finishing goods.

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