MEX 2017 Division into specialised areas

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

After restructuring the core divisions of Software, Automation/Handlich and EDM (vertical erosion) several years ago, Zimmer & Kreim now takes the next step towards specialisation. The three division brands of ZK-Automation, ZK-Software and ZK-EDM are meant to operate on the market in a more and more independent way.

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ZK EDM is one of the three divisions of Zimmer & Kreim that will operate independently in the future.
ZK EDM is one of the three divisions of Zimmer & Kreim that will operate independently in the future.
(Source: Zimmer & Kreim)

In future, the division brands are supposed to communicate their own abilities in a more targeted way and at the same time have overall inter-divisionally competence at their disposal as an effective, in-house resource.

"We are fortunate to be uniquely positioned with this portfolio," states Armand Bayer, Managing Director of Zimmer & Kreim. "The tasks of our customers, however, become more and more specific, which encouraged us to combine our special skills more effectively in order to offer customers the correct solution more quickly."

According to Zimmer & Kreim, the combination of modular construction, control technology and programme software distinguishes the ZK vertical eroding machines from other manufacturers. These characteristics are combined in the division designation ZK-EDM and communicated in a targeted way, the company says. "The fact that machines are up-to-date in terms of hardware, precise and robust is today no longer a purchase criterion," says Michael Huth, Head of Sales and Marketing at Zimmer & Kreim. "Flexibility and customer-oriented adjustments of the machines – without great effort – is what clearly distinguishes us."

To prove that their products and their software can keep their promises, Zimmer & Kreim gives several examples: According to the company, the processing of prepared orders can be interrupted at any point and at any time without loss of time. The software ensures that users can continue processing directly from the interruption point when continuing the planned jobs. Additionally, every ZK machine can erode manually via the handwheel, an important aspect for reworking workpieces within the framework of repair measures, the company says.

According to Zimmer & Kreim, the choice of the material does not influence eroding results. Whether graphite processing, carbide or copper, the generator control displays its full power. Wear in graphite processing tends towards zero, with a higher erosion performance achieved at the same time, Zimmer & Kreim says. Also, achieving finest surface qualities of up to Ra 0.1 μm with the least marginal zone influence is no problem. Whats more, processing with copper, e.g., during polishing erosion or wear of the smallest components, is equal to zero, thanks to the intelligent control of the machines.

A booklet about ZK-EDM is available at the Zimmer & Kreim booth. It means to provide visitors with results and tests of erosions with the most diverse materials. "We know that our machines are among the best on the market, we only must communicate this more clearly," says Armand Bayer as an explanation of this approach.

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