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‘Disrupting’ the market with a hybrid production centre

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ETMM: Do you have an example of this?

Hyatt: Our customers can now pursue business plans in which they differentiate themselves with rapid delivery or time to market rather than price. With a deposition rate of up to 3.5 kg/h, this process is up to 20 times faster than the laser generation of parts in a powder bed. They can realise their parts for their customers in a small fraction of the time traditionally required.

Lell: Additive manufacturing processes can help companies to produce new and innovative products more quickly. In contrast to laser melting in a powder bed, laser deposition welding enables large parts to be manufactured using a metal powder nozzle. The combination with milling opens up completely new applications. The component can be built up in several steps, whereby milling can be interspersed with deposition welding in order to allow areas, which the cutter would no longer be able to reach when the component was finished due to the component geometry, to be machined to final accuracy.


ETMM: We recently visited one of the leading powder bed suppliers, and they had some pretty big units.

Hyatt: While the laser deposition technology is nothing new, it is a reliable and proven process, which makes it outstandingly suited for the integration into DMG Mori’s high-quality CNC machines such as the DMU, NT and NTX series. We can also integrate this process into other DMG Mori machines. In future it will be possible to produce workpieces of many sizes with our hybrid solution.