Hot Runners Direct side-gating nozzles for large shot weights, extended range of applications

Editor: Eric Culp

Ewikon said it is introducing a version of its HPS III-MH nozzle for direct side gating specially designed for larger shot weights.

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The nozzle is said to enable a highly compact mould design.
The nozzle is said to enable a highly compact mould design.
(Source: Ewikon)

According to the company, the nozzle targets the growing field of side-gating applications that along with the medical market has arisen in other industries.

The nozzle enables a highly compact mould design with utmost ease of maintenance, Ewikon said. Standard polyolefins as well as technical resins and filled materials can be processed. Examples are filled polycarbonate cover frames for light switches and socket housings as well as technical functional components.

The nozzle is available as a linear or radial version for up to four gating points per nozzle. The linear version allows for the arrangement of the cavities in a row with several nozzles in line. This layout is said to result in highly compact moulds. The company added that compared to a radial cavity layout, the integration of slider mechanisms is facilitated. When processing low-viscosity, the supplier noted that materials can be injected at 40 g per gate. For high-viscosity resins, up to 10 g per gate are reportedly possible. In order to handle the higher shot weights, the flow channels in the nozzle have been enlarged and the size and shape of the heat conductive tip inserts have been redesigned, the company said. It explained that, in general, the HPS III-MH nozzle body, with its relatively large mass, features high thermal stability.

However, by enlarging the heat conductive tip inserts, the temperature profile – especially in the gate area – has been further improved, the company said. This results in a very broad processing window said to make the nozzle suitable for even critical materials.