Diamond & CBN Tools


Electroplated Diamond & CBN Tools

DIPROFIL offers a wide variety of Electroplated Diamond & CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) Tools with galvanic bonding, such as:

The Diamond & CBN Tools are highly effective and allow high cutting rates in applications such as grinding, filing and deburring.

To enhance the lifetime in certain applications when i.e. grinding in glass or for stationery applications, a suitable cooling agent may be used together with the tools. Cooling agents also reduce the risk for damage on thin or sharp edges on the actual tool.

The cooling process is performed with an emulsion or a grinding oil. The emulsion is recommended for the Diamond rotary tools whereas for the CBN Tools a mineral oil is preferable. The maximum working temperature for diamonds is 800°C and for CBN is 1200°C.

The Diamond rotary tools are recommended for hard materials such as: carbide, hardened steel, ceramics, glass, graphite, glass-fiber reinforced plastics, rubber etc.

The CBN rotary tools are recommended for the following materials: high-speed steel, hardened steel and high alloy steels.

Click on the table below to compare the grit sizes according to FEPA standard and US standard mesh respectively (D = Synthetic Diamonds and B = CBN).

Grit comparison table (Opens as PDF)

In addition to the grit sizes included in the FEPA standard, we also supply  tools in D30 (36-22 micron) and D15 (22-12 micron).

We offer specific Diamond & CBN Tools according to our customers requirements. For more information contact us or send us an e-mail at sales@diprofil.se.