Jewellery Tools


Polishing & finishing tools for the jewellery industry

Whether you’re a crafter or an high-end jewellery designer or refurbisher, here at Diprofil you’ll find the best jewellery tools for all your projects!

We supply only the best quality polishing & finishing jewellery tools, including:


  • Mini polishing/filing machines – the natural choice when working in narrow and confined spaces!
  • Rotary handpieces – for efficient polishing and finishing operations.
  • Diamond machine files – made from carefully selected diamonds and precisely bonded to obtain the best physical properties for added strenght and resistance to wear.
  • Diamond hand files – excellent for use on carbide, hardened steel, glass, ceramics and other similar materials.
  • Fibre stones type “Super stones” – ceramic stones recommended for general use when a thin tool is needed, especially on EDM surfaces.
  • Precision steel files – for use in soft and semi-hard steel as well as other materials of low to medium hardness.
  • Mini Power Steel Files – a brilliant choice when working with the Dipromini polishing machines (for more info, please check page 66 in the Diprofil Product Catalogue 2017)

Diprofil serves both jewellery crafters and jewellery sellers, so you’ll be sure to find the exact jewellery tools that you’re looking for!