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Company name DIPROFIL Diamantprodukter AB
Street Finspångsgatan 42
ZIP/Location 16353 Spånga
Country Sweden
Phone +46 (0)8 54650960
Fax +46 (0)8 54650961

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Mr Tomas Skeppmark
Job function: Managing Director
Phone: +46 8546 509 06
Mr Mikael Skoglund
Job function: Sales & Marketing Manager
Phone: +46 8546 509 28
Mrs Denisa Albu
Job function: Sales & Marketing Assistant
Phone: +46 8546 509 08
Mrs Ulla Malm
Job function: Order & Shipping
Phone: +46 8546 509 03
Mrs Malin Johansson
Job function: Order & Shipping
Phone: +46 8546 509 30


About Us

Machines and Tools for Tool and Mould Makers

For many people in the tool and mould making industry, the trademark Diprofil® is synonymous with the Classic Polishing/Filing Machine which has looked more or less the same for the past sixty years. Some people may argue that this is a sign of unsufficient R&D, but we simply think that it’s the ultimate proof of a superior product and a winning concept.

Although the Diprofil Classic Machine is well liked and very popular, the increased focus on vibration related injuries made us develop the Di-PRO® Polishing/Filing Machine which represents a new standard of high-end polishing/filing machines with an increased focus on the operator’s wellbeing. The low levels of vibration greatly reduce the risk of sustaining vibration related injuries, without compromising performance.

On our up-to-date diamond department we manufacture a wide variety of electroplated diamond and CBN tools such as files, grinding pins and points, grinding wheels and cutting discs.

We also supply polishing and finishing equipment for jewellers and goldsmiths which includes mini polishing machine sets, diamond tips, fibre stones type “Super Stones” etc. You can view our selection of Jewellery Tools here.

Our products are available in most countries through our worldwide network of partners and local distributors.

At Diprofil we have a constant strive to adapt and enhance both the manufacturing and the business process and to suit the ever changing needs and demands of our customers. We take great pride in building long-term relationships and knowing the importance of the after sales service. Customer support has been and always will be a hallmark for Diprofil in our constant efforts to satisfy our clients.