EuroMold Demat announces jewellery theme for EuroMold 2012

Author / Editor: Eric Culp / Jürgen Schreier

EuroMold organiser Demat says the 19th instalment of the leading European industrial fair for mould makers will feature a jewellery-industry theme presentation. The November 27–30, 2012, fair at the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre will show visitors the entire process chain for jewellery production, from design to rapid prototyping to casting, Demat explains. The presentation will be complemented by a framework programme illustrating both the importance of the process chain and new technologies in jewellery production.

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Traditionally, Demat says, EuroMold offers an important platform for the jewellery industry, because the essential technologies and services for the entire process chain are presented at one site. Thus, for many exhibitors, the jewellery industry is a very important market. The importance of EuroMold for this sector has risen even more, thanks to the increased popularity of additive manufacturing (3D printing) and its involvement in jewellery production.

In recent years, the uses of additive manufacturing have expanded to include mould production in the jewellery industry. The increasing implementation of the technology is rooted in both improved plant efficiency and breakthroughs in material development. For the production of patterns, 3D printing is now seen as a standard procedure, Demat says.

Along with Germany’s, Italy’s jewellery industry is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and exporters. According to Demat, Gianluigi Barettoni, president of the Italian jewellery machines association Afemo, says EuroMold provides an excellent platform for the theme presentation: “At EuroMold 2011, we already very successfully discovered and developed synergies relevant to the jewellery industry, and we can significantly intensify this at EuroMold 2012.”

The Italian engineering company Cimo, for example, has specialised in lost-wax casting, Demat says, noting that when the company attends EuroMold, it focuses on the prototyping process and the wide range of current research for industrial application. Cimo commercial director Roberto Violini told Demat that the company exhibited at EuroMold 2011, where it collected positive experience and is therefore particularly looking forward to the theme presentation this year.

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