Control 2017 Demagnetisers for increasing cleanliness in parts

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Demagnetisation – Bussi Demagnetizing Systems will present its electronic pulse demagnetisers at Control. The company has been specialising in the design and construction of these electronic pulse devices since 1969.

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Bussi offers both standard and customised demagnetising solutions.
Bussi offers both standard and customised demagnetising solutions.
(Source: Bussi)

Thanks to patented technology and its long experience in the sector, Bussi offers a wide range of demagnetisation systems to suit diverse applications and the different production contexts.

Its demagnetiser range include in-line or off-line models, and manual and automatic versions. Depending on the part of the transfer system, individual parts or parts placed inside washing or transport baskets, in high productivity or small lots, automated or manual processes, suitable solutions are offered be it standard or customised.

Residual magnetism has a crucial influence on the efficiency and the quality of industrial washing systems. In worldwide production processes, ensuring metal cleanliness is a fundamental step in metals surface treatments. Independent from the application or the washing process used, residual magnetism is a crucial variable to be kept under control to guarantee maximum quality cleanliness, Bussi notes. It can provide solutions for minimum residual magnetism, low energy consumption (< 150 W), high demagnetization, easy parts transfer without magnetic retention, low maintenance, reliability and durability, and high productivity. The company's systems allow for easy integration in systems and simple installation, the company says.

Bussi is in hall 6, Booth 6117.