CAD/CAM Delcam customer says using its software made machining large TV logo easy

Editor: Eric Culp

Customer De La Roy Isolatie & Design has used the PowerMill 5-axis CAM system from Delcam plc to machine large 3D logos for the Belgian and French versions of the television programme “The Voice” from expanded polystyrene.

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Each logo is a 4.5-m-high hand holding a microphone. The machine-sculpted icons were produced on one of the largest CNC milling machines in Europe, a 5-axis unit measuring 10 x 4 x 3.5 m and capable of generating highly complex 3D models.

De La Roy, a Dutch company founded in 1959 and now employing 12 people, is a specialist in machining complex patterns and models out of expanded polystyrene. Soon after it acquired the huge machine, the company realised it would need a more powerful CAD/CAM system; the software it was using was not good for programming simultaneous 5-axis operation.

“We compared several systems and chose Delcam’s PowerMill because it provided the best fit for our needs,” Joost Banken, work planner at De La Roy, recalls. Indeed, Delcam reports that PowerMill has made programming and machining models much easier and faster. The company says PowerMill has enabled it to carry out many different projects for customers in the television, exhibition, signmaking and playground industries. Examples include huge 3D logos for Toyota and Lexus, a complete polystyrene home, an exhibition stand made from Rockwool insulation materials, and a playground display 45 m wide.

De La Roy has been very satisfied with PowerMill, says Banken, who claims he has never seen a better 5-axis programming system. “We can produce high-quality results even from designers and artists that are not the best creators of 3D models, and from models we get made in simple drawing programs such as Google SketchUp, or from scanned files.”

Flexibility is De La Roy’s specialty. Says Banken: “Our company makes all kinds of models, with many of them having very complex shapes. Because PowerMill is such a flexible CAM system, we can use it to find a solution to every problem.”

Delcam plc

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