Prototype Manufacturing Services Delcam ads metrology, machining units to manufacturing site

Editor: Eric Culp

To expand its professional services subsidiary, Delcam has added a GOM ATOS ScanBox inspection cell for 3D metrology and reverse engineering and a Hermle C50 UMT 5-axis machining centre to the range of equipment within its Advanced Manufacturing Facility.

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Delcam said these additions are part of a general expansion at its Birmingham headquarters in response to growing demand for process development and prototype manufacturing services. The company incorporated the in-house facility into the subsidiary at the beginning of 2011 after the two groups had worked closely on several major projects. In each case, processes developed at the subsidiary were proven at the facility before transfer to the customer’s production site.

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The GOM ScanBox contains the ATOS Triple Scan 3D sensor mounted on a robot, thus combining the accuracy of the ATOS blue-light technology with robotic flexibility. According to Delcam, high-resolution data can be obtained for small, detailed parts, and large objects up to 2 m long can be scanned rapidly. The point-cloud data generated can be employed by Delcam software for either reverse-engineering or inspection tasks.

The 5-axis Hermle C50 UMT machining centre increases the range of processes Delcam can undertake and the components it can produce in the facility. With a trunnion table that rotates at 500 rpm, this machine provides mill/turn capabilities as well.

Comprehensive support for manufacturers

Delcam says the new equipment increases the subsidiary’s ability to help customers improve manufacturing processes. By taking on new product and process development operations, the subsidiary allows client companies to devote engineering resources to established production operations.

The new equipment will also be used to test developments in Delcam software products. The company sees being able to test developments on-site on industrial-scale equipment as an advantage for program prove-out.

Manufacturing expertise gained at the facility undergirds comprehensive customer support, the company said. Staff can provide Delcam software users with more-detailed advice regarding all areas of work, including the best choice of machining strategy and cutting tools as well as operation of the software.

Delcam plc

Birmingham, UK

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