Intec 2019 Danobat to present grinding and turning solutions at Intec 2019

Editor: Steffen Donath

Danobot will present solutions for the challenges of industry 4.0 at Intec 2019, including the Danobot LG grinding machine.

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Danobot will attend Intec 2019.
Danobot will attend Intec 2019.
(Source: Danobat)

The Danobot LG grinding machine is an efficient, productive and ultra-precise grinding machine that offers a high degree of customisation and guarantees excellent machine availability.

The LG range has been developed for the manufacture of highly complex parts such as hydraulic precision components, automotive parts and cutting tools, as well as cams or components with eccentric diameters. This range of grinding machines offers extraordinary levels of precision and repeatability due to the machines´ natural granite beds and linear motors, as well as to the incorporation of glass scales.

The wheel head, which is equipped with cooled electro-spindles, can reach a maximum peripheral wheel speed of 120 m/s, thereby covering the range necessary for grinding with both conventional abrasives at maximum torque. Thanks to its wide variety of different wheel head configurations, the range provides the perfect solution for any customer process.

What sets this grinding machine apart is the versatility of its B-axis, which is equipped with various different wheels and can incorporate a diverse range of accessories, including measuring devices and super-finish stations. The B-axis is driven by a built-in motor, which ensures extremely high position precision.

The LG also incorporates user-friendly customised software called Danobat Do-Grind, which has been developed in-house by the firm’s engineering department.

Another advantage offered by the LG is that it is equipped with a number of extremely strict pre/in/post measuring devices designed to ensure optimal results, every time. Danobat has also developed its own measurement systems, including contactless and broad-range laser measurement systems.

In order to satisfy each customer’s specific demands, Danobat’s philosophy is based on close company-customer collaboration and the company seeks always to develop solutions that fully adapt to all needs and requirements. The various customisation options on offer, such as the broad range of wheel head configurations, measurement systems, super-finish units, automatic loading/unloading devices, clamping systems, fixed and mobile tailstocks and dressing devices, among others, enable the development of a comprehensive, tailor-made solution for each and every customer.

4.0 technologies for the factories of the future

During the course of the fair, Danobat will likewise explain its focus on industrial digitalisation, which is structured around an offer of intelligent developments using 4.0 technologies, with an aim to forging ahead in the automation of real manufacturing environments.

Danobat Digital consists of:

  • Smart HMI: an intuitive interface aiding the operator and facilitating the use of the machinery, thus raising productivity.
  • Data System: a platform for capturing, storing and processing data, which means the status of the machine can be monitored.
  • Control System: enables the control, monitoring and supervision of data in high complexity manufacturing lines.