Fakuma 2017 Cylinders at Fakuma

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Cylinders – AHP Merkle will present its linear cushioning, tie rod cylinder ZHZ 160 and new block cylinder BZP 501 with inductive switches.

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The company's new block cylinder BZP with inductive switches.
The company's new block cylinder BZP with inductive switches.
(Source: AHP Merkle)

According to AHP, its cushioning is a new development and that it is not only linear but also evaluable and thus easy for the designer to lay. The cushioning process is said to be much faster than current models, but more gentle in the application. This development will be featured with animations and measurements at Fakuma. The linear cushioning is now also available in the new tie rod cylinder ZHZ 160 as standard. This cylinder is equipped with hardened and hard chromed piston rods as standard, like in all AHP products. Its dimensions are manufactured to DIN/ISO 6020/2 requirements.

A new switching solution with inductive sensors, the block cylinder BZP 501, will be showcased too. These are compact and the switching position can be adjusted to a minimum of 8 mm at the end. Offered too are high temperature options of up to 140°C.