Prodways Customised solutions support 3D printing production

Editor: Thomas Masuch

France – Groupe Gorgé that is based in France has launched Prodways Entrepreneurs, a support and financing solution intended for European companies in the 3D printing area or those who wish to migrate their production towards 3D printing.

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(Source: Prodways)

Prodways Entrepreneurs supports and encourages excellence among European players in 3D printing, the company said. This includes customised solutions for industrial companies who would like to direct their production toward additive manufacturing (jewellery, aerospace, bio-medical, prototyping) as well as materials and solutions designers (machines, scanner, materials, software, services, etc.). According to Prodways, the company promotes and supports the creation of a veritable 3D printing field of excellence in Europe.

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Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, assists major industrial companies with innovations and production processes by providing systems, 3D printers and premium materials for additive manufacturing.