3D Measurement Technology Creaform partners with EADS to develop optical measurement applications

Editor: Eric Culp

Canada-based Creaform and the European EADS group have entered into a technological partnership agreement covering 3D optical measurement for aerospace and defence applications. This 5-year agreement provides for the development of innovations in optical 3D measurement for nondestructive testing, test monitoring and form and surface measurement.

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Creaform specialises in 3D portable optical measurement technologies and 3D engineering services, and EADS, a group that includes Airbus and employs 1,600 people in Canada, provides aerospace, defence and related services.

“EADS has successfully implemented Creaform’s 3D scanning and optical measurement technologies since 2008,” said Yann Barbaux, Head of EADS Innovation Works. “The developments planned will enable EADS to reduce its development-time cycle, create synergies and reduce the time-to-market of its new products.”

Explained Charles Mony, president of Creaform: “Innovation and the development of 3D optical measurement is at the core of our growth strategy. This technological partnership with a world leader in aerospace and defence, in addition to the support that EADS Innovation Works will provide, will enable us to speed up our development process and focus our technological advances so to meet the needs of these particular sectors.”

Creaform EMEA

Fontaine, France