3D-metrology Creaform launches completely redesigned website

Editor: Eric Culp

Creaform has redesigned and optimised its website as part of its celebration of 10 years in business. The site reflects the revitalised visual identity of the 3D-metrology company and is intended to offer visitors an enhanced browsing experience.

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Site content is organised around Creaform’s principal target markets, characterised as metrology solutions, nondestructive testing, 3D body measurement and 3D engineering services. Visitors can obtain additional information through “See it in action” videos, industry-specific application sheets and a new Resource Center section, which gathers press releases, success stories, and newsletter, magazine and other articles published by or about Creaform.

“The redesign of the new website was conducted in parallel with our rebranding initiative, but our goal went beyond aesthetic considerations,” said Stéphane Auclair, vice-president of marketing at Creaform. “We know that for many web users, a visit to our website is their very first encounter with Creaform; so it was important for us to design a website in which people could easily find the information they are looking for and get something out of their browsing session. They can refine their search by application, industry or product and they can now ‘Ask an expert’ about a particular issue that they might be facing.”

The website can be viewed in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Creaform EMEA

Fontaine, France


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