Strack Norma Constant process quality due to digital control

Editor: Steffen Donath

Strack Norma is taking another step towards Industry 4.0 and enlarges its digital offering with the Flosense flow monitoring which offers an improvement of the productivity and the product quality.

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Strack Norma presents new flow monitoring.
Strack Norma presents new flow monitoring.
(Source: Strack Norma)

The digital support Flosense for the toolmaking offers new possibilities to control the injection moulding process and to make process optimisations from the data obtained. The complete unit consists of built-in pressure sensors with forerun and return as well as corrosion-resistant materials. Pressure, temperature, and flow are digitally monitored and visualized on the screen over time. An alarm function for flow and temperature guarantees a constant process- and component quality. This alarm can stop the injection moulding machine or generate a signal.

With the digital solution Flosense 3.0. the touch screen is attached to the distributor and thus offers an easy operation. In contrast to analogue measuring systems, the system 3.0 enables a higher flow capacity and an increased temperature range up to 120 °C. The compact unit is offered for 4 to 12 cooling circuits.

Flosense 4.0 is the alternative in which touch screen and distributor are separated from each other. Here, temperatures up to 160° can be reached, as the spatial separation does not heat the separate screen. A connection of 4 distributors on the screen, which can monitor up to 48 temperature control circuits, is possible.

The data is stored on an internal memory, is displayed graphically, and can be exported at any time. A faster tool exchange due to the stored data increased the productivity of the user.

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