"Inside 3D Printing" Conference on Additive Manufacturing on 24-25 March in London

Editor: Thomas Masuch

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One of the most important conferences on 3D printing, Inside 3D Printing, will take place in London on 24-25 March 2015. The conference is expected to attract more than 1,000 experts, scientists, service providers, manufacturers, traders, investors and specialists from different sectors in order to learn more about the manufacturing use of 3D printing and to network with peers. International and national industry experts and representatives from leading companies will also present at next year’s conference which will run two tracks, the organiser said. A key focus of Inside 3D Printing London will be the application of 3D printing in a variety of manufacturing sectors.

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Conference Chair Phill Dickens, Professor of Manufacturing Technology at the University of Nottingham and Executive Board member of the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council’s Centre for Additive Manufacturing, designed a programme consisting of successful use-cases, industrial applications and research findings. Speakers from the U.S. include 3D printing experts Professor Brent Stucker of University of Louisville and Tom Chiang of Bell Helicopter. From Europe experts include Dr. Phil Reeves, Managing Director of Econolyst, Prof. Horst Exner, Professor für Physikalische Technik und Laseranwendungen and Direktor Laserinstitut der Hochschule Mittweida, Dr. Lionel T. Dean, Creative Director of Future-Factories, Richard van de Vrie, President & CEO of Luxexcel Group, and William Hoyle, Chief Executive of Techfortrade.

Professor Phill Dickens is looking forward to a great mix of examples of where 3D Printing is being used as a manufacturing process and how it is developing for the future.

There will be discussions on data capture, modelling and simulation and also examples of use in sectors such as aerospace, optics and jewellery but these will be based on reality rather than the hype we have seen in much of the press. An example of this will be a presentation on how 3D printing needs to be linked to existing manufacturing processes to gain maximum benefit. The presentations will range across the whole manufacturing environment including how the technology will change the way businesses operate and IP is protected. There will be a view of the future by looking at current research activities and how a UK national strategy could bring everything together.

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