Fakuma 2017 Comprehensive offerings for the plastics industry under one roof

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Global company Milacron Holdings manufactures, distributes and services highly engineered and customised systems in the plastics processing industry. It offers a full-line product portfolio that includes hot runner systems, injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion equipment, mould components, industrial supplies and a wide market range of advanced fluid technologies.

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From the Mold Masters product range, the Summit-Series that is a premium hot runner for clean-room applications.
From the Mold Masters product range, the Summit-Series that is a premium hot runner for clean-room applications.
(Source: Milacron)

At Fakuma, the company will display leading technologies including its Milacron injection-moulding machines, Mold-Masters hot runners and control systems, DME mould technology solutions, Tirad high-precision mould bases as well as industrial supplies. With innovative products and solutions, Milacron will focus on automotive, medical, packaging and technical applications.

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The Elektron Evo all-electric injection moulding machine offers a full range of applications and is available in various sizes. According to Milacron , in comparison to hydraulic injection moulding machines, it uses 60% less energy and 90% less water. The stroke precision of its servo-driven axes is greater than in hydraulic systems too. Moreover, it is oil-disposal and leak-free and is therefore good for clean-room environments.

The Magna Toggle Servo injection moulding machine combines precision and accurate toggle mechanism with advanced user controls, providing energy efficiency and repeatability. Its toggle mechanism optimises fast cycling and reduces platen deflection. The Magna T can accommodate large and heavy moulds and the Magna Toggle product range is offered from 55 to 550 tonnes3.

Milacron’s Ferromatik machines with fast cycle times and high injection speeds are designed for the packaging industry. Available in nine sizes: from 120 to 650 tonnes3 of clamping force, they are pre-configured for easy multi-component, mono-sandwich, cube, and co-injection capability. They are available as electric, hydraulic or hybrid-drive options.

Keeping in pace is Milacron 4.0. Its transformative nature is in the machinery as well as in the data and analytics, specifically how it is captured and processed, for meaningful operations.

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