Yamazaki Mazak Compact VMC Is Designed with a Large Working Envelope for Bigger Workpieces

Author / Editor: Eric Culp / Jürgen Schreier

The Vertical Centre Smart 530C vertical machining centre, manufactured by Yamazaki Mazak, is a variant of the popular 430A VMC. It is distinguished from its predecessor by its larger working envelope, which is accessible via large double entry doors. The bigger work area allows a significantly greater range of movement in the x- and y-axes, with travels of 1,050 and 530 mm, respectively. Yamazaki Mazak designed the high-performance 530C specifically for processing larger workpieces, of course.

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A compact machine with a small footprint, the Vertical Centre Smart 530C combines high accuracy and reliability with productivity. Accuracy and repeatability are ensured by the FMEA-designed C-frame structure and roller-type linear guideway system, which provide very good static and dynamic rigidity. Rapid traverse rates of 42,000 mm/min and high-speed (2.8-second) tool changing are responsible for the high productivity, along with the Mazatrol Smart control that makes the programming of simple or complex parts quick and efficient.

The latest-generation Mazak spindle incorporating ceramic hybrid bearing technology increases application flexibility. Its design provides rigidity while delivering 12,000 rpm, 18.5 kW and torque of 95.5 Nm.

The Smart 530C VMC was designed to the highest ergonomic standards. It includes large windows and a user-adjustable control panel. In addition, the machine is equipped with such options as an automatic chip conveyor, a personnel sensor and LED lighting in the work zone to enhance visibility, improve reliability and minimize power consumption.

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