Zimmer+Kreim Compact handling system for small companies, start-ups

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Germany ‘The little brother’ of the Chameleon handling system under the name Chameleon Quad from Zimmer+Kreim is a high-performance, modular system said to provide economic efficiency in a compact, quadratic design especially for new businesses.

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(Source: Schulz)

According to the company, the Quad offers a fully-automated process cycle for all technologies in the tool and mould making industry. Up to three machines performing different technologies can be loaded simultaneously, and can be placed on each side of the Quad.

Polishing tools for complete coverage of mould processes

In the centre of the system is a robot with a gripper strong enough to handle a weight of up to 80 kg. With a turn of up to 360° on its own axis, it can quickly load machines with electrodes, pallets and milling cutters, the supplier said. The modular design enables individual loading of magazines and pallet places. Up to 24 pallets can be placed individually on the three sides of the corner plates. The pallets can be loaded via a service flap on the corner shelves, while the magazine shelves provide space for up to 264 tools or electrodes, the company noted.

Managing Director, Klaus Kreim, explained the strategy behind the new system: “Today, small factories and start-ups are looking for ways to achieve automation in small spaces, while realizing optimal efficiency. With Chameleon Quad, the connection to machines is absolutely flexible; the system will always find space.”

The system is said to be easy to operate. Moreover, the Quad is delivered in one piece, not needing any on-site installation. When interlinking of technologies is required, the Quad can work with several technologies like measuring (CMM), milling cutters, die sinking and wire erosion, the manufacturer added. The software is also said to ensure process reliability. Additionally, technologies can be connected through the Shuttlestation, part of the Chameleon’s linear design.

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