Millstar Introduces Versatile EIV5 End Mill


Millstar's EIV5 Series is revitalizing conventional practices for the modern machine shop.

The EIV5 provides a unique combination of radial grind, variable helix, variable pitch and radius preparation for maximum versatility and surgical precision. It's the ideal end mill for diverse machining applications including medical and aerospace. 

Millstar's EIV5 offers:

  • Reinforced cutting edge allows increased chip load without risk of edge failure.
  • Variable pitch to accommodate large step-overs with no bottom vibration.
  • Variable helix to eliminae side vibrations while achieving greater depth of cut.
  • Corner radius preparation allows longer machining times without radius failure.
  • Exceptional performance with high temperature alloys like titanium at 300sfm 2xD with 20% step-over and a .6% chip load.

For more information about the EIV5 or any of Millstar's products, please contact Millstar Tooling.