Measurement Cognitens White-Light Systems Win Photonics Award

Author / Editor: Eric Culp / Jürgen Schreier

The readers of the US magazine Photonic Tech Briefs (PTB) have chosen Cognitens white-light measurement systems as one of three winners of the magazine’s “Products of the Year 2011” award, which recognizes significant new introductions to the photonics engineering community. Cognitens is a Hexagon Metrology brand.

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Specifically, the PTB readers voted to honour the Cognitens WLS400A and WLS400M white-light systems. The manual Cognitens WLS400M and the automated Cognitens WLS400A both use digital stereo-vision technology to generate 3D measurement data. According to their needs, Hexagon Metrology customers can choose between a portable configuration and an automated system that can be operated with all common industrial robots. The Cognitens WLS400M, for its part, is the only high-performance 3D white-light scanner that can be used in handheld mode.

The Cognitens products are based on light-emitting-diode (LED) technology, which enables a broad variety of surface finishes to be measured or reverse-engineered.

Cognitens is a leading provider of 3D optical measurement solutions for industrial applications, including tooling, part production, assembly, and quality and process control. Its dimensional-measurement systems help improve engineering and manufacturing processes in the automotive and other manufacturing industries.

Based on innovations in 3D noncontact measurement technology, Cognitens systems help to increase efficiency during critical stages of preproduction, launch, ramp-up and mass production. Cognitens, founded in 1995, is part of Hexagon Metrology group, the world’s largest measurement technologies company.

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