Erodex Coated wires increase cutting speeds by up to 50%

Editor: Briggette Jaya

UK – One of the UK’s largest suppliers of EDM consumables, Erodex, supplies the complete Bedra range of high performance coated wires that can provide an increase of up to 50% cutting speed performance while maintaining the quality of the cut, the supplier claims.

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Megacut Plus on a customer Excetek V850 increased cutting speed by 50%.
Megacut Plus on a customer Excetek V850 increased cutting speed by 50%.
(Source: Erodex)

Erodex Sales Director Steve Rolinson says: “For the efficient application of the wire EDM process, Bedra has contributed significantly to the development of technology and production processes. With the functional coatings for wire electrodes it has developed, an enormous increase in material removal performance, and hence in productivity, can be achieved.”

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Erodex highlights the high-tech, universal Topas Plus wire cutting range that has been developed as a high speed cutting wire. According to the supplier, the Topas Plus range offers different zinc coating levels on the core of the wire to suit the various EDM machines available. “Between the core and the coating is another layer called the Gamma Phase area that energises the material difference between the core and the zinc to give a much more powerful spark. The enriched zinc coating on a copper, steel or brass core fractures to provide an increased surface area for the spark, which increases the cutting speed,” Rolinson explains.

In recent wire cutting tests held at Warwick Machine Tools showroom in Kenilworth, the Megacut Plus range was benchmarked on an Excetek Wire Cut machine against standard brass wire and provided a 20% increase in the cutting speed, Erodex says. This was achieved with no alterations made to the machine’s cutting technology. “We were impressed by the initial results,” says WMT’s Managing Director, Ian Holbeche. “So we approached an existing customer with the findings and conducted further tests on an Excetek V850 machine installed on the shopfloor. The results were remarkable, in a production environment with operators that have an in-depth knowledge of the machine you can tweak the parameters and we achieved a 50% increase in cutting speed, even during complex profile cutting.”