Mould Components Co-injection system boosts production efficiency

Editor: Eric Culp

Mold-Masters is presenting its IRIS co-injection system, which will be showcased for HDPE closures in a 16-cavity high-speed tool.

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The co-injection technology is said to allow for sealing caps with a directly co-injected EVOH barrier.
The co-injection technology is said to allow for sealing caps with a directly co-injected EVOH barrier.
(Source: Mold-Masters)

According to the supplier, the complete system consists of the Mold-Masters IRIS co-injection hot runner, an E-Multi injection unit and a servo-electric E-Drive valve gate actuation system. The associated control unit is fully integrated and located in a single, space-saving housing, the company said. It noted that this high-precision controller measures flow and pressure for both melt streams and controls the movement of the servo-actuated pins. The co-injection technology is said to allow for caps with directly co-injected EVOH barrier, which constitute a proportion of 3 - 6% of the total cap. The result is a simple but 100% sealing cap, which can be used directly in the packaging process, the company said.

The technology can enable highly-efficient production processes compared to conventional methods and eliminate an assembly step. According to Mold-Masters, the technology is ideal for beverage caps and closures, food containers and in the field of medical technology. Wherever barrier layers are required to prevent leakage of oxygen and CO2, the IRIS system reportedly provides a comprehensive solution for process optimisation and cost reduction. The technology is currently available for 32- or 48-cavity tools, but additional features and possible applications are expected, Mold-Masters said.

The company noted that it has extended the patented E-Multi series and will introduce a new model during the show. The E-Multi is a precise, fully electrical, servo-driven and mould-mounted tool for multi-colour or multi-component applications. According to the company, the E-190 unit will integrate seamlessly into the existing series with its middle size and enable for a variety of new applications.

Mold-Masters will also showcase Melt-Cube, a linear hot runner system for direct side gating that allows for 20% higher cavity density than comparable circular systems, the company said. The patent-pending system reportedly provides for a simple tip replacement directly on the machine, as well as for faster cycles and a high-quality gate quality.

The company said it will also dedicate a key area at Fakuma to controllers and the management of the injection moulding process. It announced plans to demonstrate a modern touch-screen control technology for up to 48 zones in conjunction with TempMaster M1 hot runner controllers.