Enemac Clamping nuts that make even tough jobs easy

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – Enemac says it has found a cost-effective mechanical solution in clamping, namely, with its power clamping nuts, ESB and ESD.

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Both clamping nuts can be deployed almost anywhere.
Both clamping nuts can be deployed almost anywhere.
( Enemac)

These operate with a hidden planetary gear in an outer casing that can be driven effortlessly by a small nut on top of the casing, the company notes. Thereby, the internal thread is slightly retracted so that the counter-piece is clamped. The principle is simple and the effect is large and with this concept, a force of between six to 20 t can be manually but easily achieved. The Type ESB is for consistently large work pieces or tools as the screw is limited by the blind hole. For changing sizes, the ESD series with through-hole threads is recommended as this has an unlimited stroke.

Both types can be used almost everywhere, for example, for the tensioning of belt conveyors, tools in presses and punches, work pieces or during welding. Special variants, such as high temperature designs for the foundry industry or lubrication with food-grade grease for the food and laboratory technology are also available on request.