Witte Chucks now available in rearrangeable version

Editor: Eric Culp

In addition to its 3- and 6-jaw manual chucks, Witte now offers workholding technology that enables the rearrangement of the jaws any way the user requires.

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The chucks can hold workpieces of various shapes.
The chucks can hold workpieces of various shapes.
(Source: Horst Witte)

The chuck, part of the company's Alufix-clamping system, provides clamping with 2 x 180 degrees, 3 x 120 degrees, 4 x 90 degrees or 6 x 60 degrees. Moreover, users can clamp both round and angular workpieces.

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Set-up is realised via a spindle drive, whereby the clamp travel corresponds to one pitch. After release, jaws can be positioned towards or away from the centre, Witte explained. It added that the jaws are then locked and the area is free for mounting of the next part. Unused slots in the manual chuck can be closed by blind caps to avoid dirt and teeth damage, Witte said. It added that it also offers chucks in nominal size 125.