SPI Chairs made of old soda bottles top design awards at NPE 2012

Editor: Eric Culp

The winners of the 2nd International Plastics Design Competition (IPDC) sponsored by US plastics industry association SPI spanned a wide range of applications, and many of the products embodied innovative use of technologies in support of sustainability goals, according to Robert Janeczko, chairman of the IPDC committee.

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Classic-design chairs made of PET recycled from soda bottles won the Best in Show Award, and a spin device for citrus zest removal earned the Peoples’ Choice Award.

The competition attracted 32 product entries, and an international panel of 9 judges evaluated the entries in advance of NPE 2012 and at a special show exhibit. In addition to awards presented by the judges, there was a Peoples’ Choice Award based on online and show voting open to anyone in the industry. Descriptions of the winners and the companies involved in their design and production can be seen in the photo gallery.

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