Getecha Central and decentral granulation technology in plastics processing

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – Plant-engineering company Getecha will be showcasing numerous innovative solutions for central and decentral granulation technology in plastics processing, the company says.

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The RS 45090 hopper granulator with a sound-insulated granulator housing.
The RS 45090 hopper granulator with a sound-insulated granulator housing.
(Source: Getecha)

The focus will be the latest generation of its large hopper granulators of the series RS 45000 as well as a new control for the infeed granulator RS 3004-E, the dustproof clean room granulator GRS 180 and the compact beside-the-press granulator RS 1615. From the company’s automation portfolio, the well-priced sprue picker Get-pick 700, will be on show

The skilful combination of high efficiency in granulation technology with ergonomics at the industrial workplace will be demonstrated with its granulator series, RS 45000. RS 45090, a new generation of the hopper granulators for hourly throughput rates between 700 and 1200 kg will be showcased with a new granulator housing. Here, the special feature is an effective integrated sound insulation, which lowers the operating noise of the central granulator to a minimum. Despite its ergonomic measures, the RS 45090 is very compact due to its drive that is integrated at the top of its housing, with a relatively small footprint, the company says.

Also demonstrated at the booth will be how the efficiency and flexibility of this hopper granulator can be increased in practice. According to Getecha, an additional bypass hopper is attached on the side for feeding tubing and profiles from extrusion as well as with another bypass hopper at the rear for the plate material feed. In this version, the RS 45090 can be fed from three sides (front, side, rear). For the user this means only one granulator is needed instead of three. This optimisations is said to add to the overall stability of the granulator, its powerful 3-blade rotor and the usage of two stator blades in the milling device. Additionally, an electrohydraulic opening mechanism simplifies access to the hopper and the screen rocker.

One more highlight will be the company’s new torque controlled infeed system based on another sound-insulated infeed granulator RS 3004-E. This granulator type is designed for usage in film and plate extrusion and has a double infeed system, with which offcuts and edge trims of different thicknesses can be fed at different speeds.

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