Joke Technology Catalogue is now available

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Catalogue – With a total of 6,000 items on over 470 pages, the recently published catalogue by Joke is quite heavy. Joke Technology, a specialist for surface finishing, is publishing its catalogue for the 77th time now.

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Joke's calatodue is available in German, English and French.
Joke's calatodue is available in German, English and French.
(Source: Joke)

In addition to the products, users from the toolmaking and machine building sector will find brief introductions to specific working methods as well as tips and tricks for individual working stages, the company says. All this makes the Joke catalogue a reference work for all aspects of surface finishing.

The Eneska-micro series and deburring products are placed in the limelight this year. Joke Technology hopes to set a new standard with the Eneska-micro control units. According to Joke, their quiet running and low vibrations make them an alternative to compressed-air devices. The series offers system-wide and downwards compatibility and can be used to control the majority of handpieces and micromotors from the widest range of manufacturers. The high clamping force of the specially developed handpieces makes Eneska-micro highly useful for applications involving extremely hard materials - for example in the aerospace sector, Joke says.

The second product focus of the catalogue is placed on tools and materials for deburring. Joke has a few features in the range in this respect. The catalogue has appeared on 1 February, 2017, in three languages, German, English and French.