Precision Milling Carbide end mill suits micro-machining

Editor: Eric Culp

The tool offers levels of accuracy normally attained only with EDM and grinding, the product’s supplier says.

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The direct milling process allows for the creation of micro-scale features.
The direct milling process allows for the creation of micro-scale features.
(Source: Union Tool)

The UDC patented diamond coating enables carbide end mills to physically cut shapes and features into cemented carbide work material, developer and supplier Union Tool said.

By combining optimised cutting geometries, users can apply direct milling strategies and thus eliminate grinding or EDM processes to form complex 3D shapes, the company said. It explained further that the direct milling process allows for milling micro-scale features that would otherwise only be possible through grinding or EDM techniques.

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The durable coating, with 100Gpa or 9,000 HV, resists wear and is said to give a good surface finish, enabling the end mill to produce finished parts without pits or burrs. Eliminating the need to make electrodes or form wheels for grinding can cut production time by up to 80%, it said. The product is available in three series, comprising a ball shape end mill, ball shaped with long reach and a square end mill with corner radius. Sizes range from 0.2 mm to 6 mm for ball types and 0.5 mm to 2 mm for the square-type design.

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