Delcam CAM software upgrade has additional 5-axis options

Editor: Eric Culp

The latest version includes a range of additions.

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The new dialogue has a redesigned user interface.
The new dialogue has a redesigned user interface.
(Source: Delcam)

British CAM software company Delcam said the 2014 R2 release of its the Power Mill application for high-speed and 5-axis machining includes options to machine parts and tooling with improved levels of speed and accuracy.

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New simulation and customisation tools, along with greater editing flexibility, are claimed to help minimise programming times and speed up manufacturing. Improvements for the company’s Vortex area-clearance strategy are also included. The supplier explained that Vortex allows solid carbide tooling to cut with its full flute length; its toolpaths use a controlled engagement angle between the cutter and the part to provide a more consistent volume-removal rate and reduce wear on the cutter.

The new dialogue has a redesigned user interface, and a new plug-in provides a graph of the linear and rotary axes of the machine during simulation. Analysis of the graph allows users to locate potential problems that could adversely affect the surface finish.

A new method for creating composite curves, based on Delcam’s Power Shape CAD software, allows adjacent arcs, lines, curves and surface edges to be merged into one composite curve, the company said. Power Mill now allows insertion and editing of fillets within a composite curve; the tangents of a point on a Bezier curve can also be modified, and the number of points can be edited and redistributed. Improvements have been made in order to optimise raster strategies, according to Delcam.

Changes in the drilling function reportedly include a separate strategy for each type of drilling cycle. Power Mill can scan the part to find any positions where holes intersect and then allow the break distance, feed rate and spindle speed to be adjusted through the intersections.

Barrel tools are now supported, and dovetail tools have been added. Dialogue boxes for creating custom toolbars have been redesigned, and the maximum number has been increased from 4 to 32, the company noted. The boxes can be exported in an XML file for use on other PCs.