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The versatility of Esprit enables the machining enterprise to satisfy demands for high precision and surface quality from diverse industries.

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This mould programmed for machining in Esprit produced one part of the housing for a Senseo coffee-brewing system.
This mould programmed for machining in Esprit produced one part of the housing for a Senseo coffee-brewing system.
(Source: DP Technology)

Netherlands-based Doeko is a company that produces injection moulds and complex parts for industries that require high-precision manufacturing. It machines diverse parts for multiple sectors, including medical technology and semiconductors. Unlike so many globalising counterparts, it keeps the work at home, maintaining its competitive edge and increasing its knowledge while stoking its ambitions and its ability to adapt to technical advances. The company succeeds through the right combination of CNC machine tools and production software, including top-notch support. Its choice of CAM software was Esprit by DP Technology.

Doeko’s eight programmers work with NX CAD software by Siemens for part design and with Esprit for part programming. In 1998, company managers had to face the cold, hard reality of the globalisation wave: to remain competitive and not sink in an ocean of low-cost overseas competitors, Doeko had to adopt CAM software. After checking out all the CAM developers in the market, the company chose Esprit for its ability to program parts for every industry and every machining discipline. This was essential, because Doeko’s selling point is its adaptability and knowledge of how to make several different types of complex parts.

“We are a very flexible company that must be able to quickly change from one application to another, and, with Esprit, we can,” says Production Manager Harry Hendriks. “We don’t need to buy several types of software.”

Time pressure demands the right tools

For a company on deadline that must generate accurate CNC code, Hendriks argues, there is no replacement for software as reliable, high-performance and easily customized as Esprit. With a seamless CAD-to-CAM interface with Siemens’ NX, Esprit lets the user directly import the native part model fully intact, with no need for programmers to edit or rebuild geometry.

Installation of DP Technology’s CAM technology was arranged by the Esprit reseller in the Netherlands, Greenock CAD Service. After their initial training, Doeko’s programmers quickly became familiar with the software and, not long after, were able to work independently. Doeko credits the responsive team at Greenock for its rapid success with Esprit.

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Serge Vijverberg, a production assistant, recalls a lawn mower part that required a full day of programming before Doeko acquired the CAM program: “From my experience, we now need only one hour to machine this kind of mould, thanks to Esprit.” When asked which parts they are able to produce today without Esprit, Hendriks and Vijverberg say none.

Doeko once counted its programming time in days. Today, it’s counted in hours and minutes.

Employees who have worked at Doeko for at least 10 years have seen production volume increase by 40 or 50% as the company faced growing demand, invested in new technologies and worked hard to satisfy customers. Doeko’s customers can always compare their supplier with the competition, so, says Hendriks, “we have to be the best.”

DP Technology Europe

Montpellier, France

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