Open Mind CAM package upgrade offers greater ease of operation

Editor: Eric Culp

Improvements include a feature for machining hard materials.

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Other improvements include better 3D strategies for complex machining.
Other improvements include better 3D strategies for complex machining.
(Source: Open Mind)

CAM developer Open Mind Technologies recently launched its Hyper-Mill 2013 CAM package, which offers a number of additional features, functional upgrades and greater ease of use, the company reported.

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The most significant advance is said to come in the shape of the new Hyper-CAD-S CAD core, which is optimally matched to the Hyper-Mill CAM solution. The company said the Mill-Turn feature for multi-functional mill-turn centres incorporates full machine simulation and collision checking of rotational chucks and clamps.

It also includes a hard machining feature for Inconel, titanium and additionally difficult to process materials that require variable in-feeds and automatic ramping. Support of the steady rest and tailstock with automatic and manual positioning and individual cutting parameters for contours has also been included, Open Mind said.

For Hyper-Mill’s 2.5D and Macro element, developers have created a new minimal distance parameter for holes, plus a generic pocket feature for pockets equivalent to the generic hole. Further additions include a 2D contouring feature that enhances compensation and tolerance checking, the company reported. It added that 3D strategies for complex machining have also been improved.

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