CAD/CAM CAM developer boosts programming efficiency for single-setup mould machining

Author / Editor: Eric Culp / Jürgen Schreier

The CAD/CAM developer Open Mind Technologies unveils its hyperMill CAM solution with the latest feature upgrades at the Eurostampi trade fair for moulds, presses and injection moulding machines this week. At the stand in Parma, Italy, on 29–31 March, Open Mind demonstrates intelligent solutions for mould manufacturers who often have to realise complex workpiece geometries.

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To reduce programming time and make machining more efficient, the current hyperMill 2011 release relies on automated programming and the smart utilisation of existing manufacturing expertise. Open Mind further developed proven feature and macro technology for intelligent macros for this purpose, and introduced other enhancements. Users can now define and save rules and conditions for every stage of the machining process in the CAM software. Job steps are automatically assigned and adjusted to the geometry in accordance with these rules and such geometric data as diameter, depth and whether pockets are open or closed.

The further optimisation of 5-axis machining strategies in hyperMill 2011 not only cuts programming time but also accelerates and refines the manufacturing steps involved in machining a workpiece completely in one setup. For example, a new shape offset roughing and finishing function provides a strategy for 5-axis machining of curved surfaces with a uniform offset while avoiding the formation of z-level steps. The automatic 5-axis approach and retract strategies in hyperMill are designed to raise levels of machining safety and quality. And advanced 5-axis swarf cutting yields optimal surface quality.

Finally, Open Mind can create postprocessors suited for individual customers and their machines.

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