Delcam CAD/CAM firm boosts staff, software sales

Editor: Eric Culp

Close to half of the additional personnel took jobs at the company’s headquarters in the UK.

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The company was recently purchased by the US firm Autodesk.
The company was recently purchased by the US firm Autodesk.
(Source: Delcam)

Delcam has announced the addition of more than 50 employees in 2013 to bring the company total to 700, and sales in the first half of last year hit an all-time high.

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In addition, well over 100 more people are employed by Delcam’s joint ventures in Europe and Asia, the company said, noting that the largest of these companies is the South Korean venture with more than 50 staff.

Delcam, which was purchased for an undisclosed amount earlier this year by US software firm Autodesk, said nearly half of the new jobs were created at company headquarters in Birmingham, UK.

The growth reflected the increase in Delcam’s sales, the company said. Sales grew to a record £25 million in the first half of 2013.

Further expansion is planned for 2014. “The continuing recovery in global manufacturing, in particular in the aerospace and automotive industries, means more salespeople will be needed to meet demand,” Delcam said.

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