Mollart Engineering /Mach BTA drilling expertise and subcontract production capabilities

Editor: Briggette Jaya

At Mach, Mollart Engineering will focus on the company's sub-contract production services and expertise in BTA deep-hole drilling.

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At Mach, Mollart will be located in Hall 20, Booth 855.
At Mach, Mollart will be located in Hall 20, Booth 855.
(Source: Mollart)

Last year, UK-based Mollart Engineering set up its BTA Application Centre at its Chessington headquarters. The company says its sub-contract precision machining operations specialise in gun drilling, BTA deep-hole drilling and multi-axis machining techniques and assembly. Mollart's sub-contract capability involves multi-axis machining technology in Chessington and its production facility in Resolven, South Wales.

Installations at both these sites, according to the company, include six Mazak Integrex turn-mill centres, Doosan turn-mill centres, a range of large-capacity turning and machining centres as well as sub-contract drilling, automatic deburring, ultrasonic testing and surface finishing. Also part of the company's portfolio are welding and fabrication facilities, precision assembly and testing and an ISO7 (Class 10,000) environmental cleanroom facility based in Resolven. Mollart has ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev.C EN9100:2009 quality accreditations.

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