GTMA British event to focus on latest advancements in measurement for manufacturing

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Speakers from Airbus and Babcock Marine expected to participate.

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Organisers expect to present some of the latest developments in measurement technology.
Organisers expect to present some of the latest developments in measurement technology.
(Source: GTMA)

The UK engineering association GTMA said will be hosting the seventh installment of its Make Measurement Matter road show 17 October at the Dolman Exhibition Hall at Bristol City Football Club’s Ashton Gate Stadium.

A key focus of the event will be over 40 of the top UK inspection and metrology companies that will be exhibiting, along with extensive networking opportunities in a relaxed environment, according to the orgnaiser. “Demonstrating the very latest technology, these metrology companies are active participants in creating successful engineering solutions for the current and future demands of all industry sectors.” Visitors will also benefit from free parking and free refreshments.

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The association’s chief executive, Julia Moore, said: “For the seventh time we are hosting the MMM event, a focal point for a technology transfer from the science of measurement into the most demanding manufacturing environments.” She noted that keynote speakers from industry-leading manufacturing companies, the event provides an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the very latest measurement and inspection technologies and services available; knowledge that could provide a vital competitive edge.

Keynote Speakers include Richard Margetts, head of laboratory services, Babcock International Group and Mike Toutt, a metrology engineer at Airbus

What’s on show

The GTMA outlined some of the exhibitions:

3D Scanners (Stand 5) will be demonstrating PolyWorks’ new Direct Replay re-measurement technology, along with its recently released New Play inspection tool, which automatically builds a guided step-by-step sequence to capture 3D datasets of a new piece. Other features including the new Slab feature will also be demonstrated.

Direct Replay, which originally focused on handling point-cloud-only measurement tasks, simplified the inspection of multiple pieces with its Play Extraction tool and automatic project update capabilities. This allowed users to directly measure and inspect a new piece from an existing inspection project without recording operations, programming or scripting. Now, the Play Inspection tool in PolyWorks’ Direct Replay brings automation to the inspection of multiple pieces, since it provides a guided sequence that is automatically built in real-time and handles point-cloud digitizers and probing devices.

The power of the new Play Inspection tool is in its ability to automatically propose a logical order of measurement (based on device positions, data alignments, object tree view sequence, and geometric constraints; trigger the right measurement method for each object (laser scanner plug-in, file browser, or probing device; and manage multiple device positions.

Alicona (Stand 10) provides customer-oriented, innovative standard and customised measurement solutions in the micro and nano range to deliver efficient and easy-to-achieve quality assurance in 3D.

The company offers the high-end optical measurement system Infinite Focus for the laboratory as well as production processes. Key competences include outstanding solutions for the accurate and easy 3D measurement of complex topographies, such as geometries with steep flanks and diffuse reflections.

Leading companies successfully use the firm’s products in research and development activities, as well as in quality assurance. Alicona systems are in use whenever surfaces need to be measured quickly, precisely and reliably.

Continuous research and development guarantees state-of-the-art solutions for optical measurement and inspection systems based on requirements. And with systems designed to serve specific needs, Alicona’s customer relationships, service and professional project execution assure products and measurement solutions tailored to your demands.

Avon-Dynamic Calibration (Stand 28) has been established for over 25 years and is widely regarded as one of the leading electrical calibration, dimensional calibration and dimensional measurement specialists in the UK.

With an extensive UKAS and in-house ability in both electrical and dimensional calibration, the company can calibrate a wide scope of equipment, and also has a specialist team of field engineers for onsite calibration.

Avon-Dynamic Calibration’s UKAS accredited CMM Inspection department uses the very latest CMM and Inspection technology to provide a fast, comprehensive inspection service to the most precise tolerances. The company is unique in being able to offer true single-source capabilities for customers, offering the same high level of service and quality to multinational companies and individual contractors.

It can provide full gauge management offering on-line reporting, monthly gauge recall service and electronic certification all with secure internet login and access, plus telephone and e-mail support from its knowledgeable, professional, friendly customer service team.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bore gauges, Bowers Metrology (Stand 16) will be exhibiting the company’s recently launched Bowers Ultima, MicroGauge and SmartPlug ranges. The class-leading, sub-micron capable Ultima range is able to accurately gauge bore sizes from 1 – 300 mm, with a choice of measuring resolutions of up to 0.0001 mm. Bowers’ ingenious MicroGauge is a 2-point bore gauging system designed specifically for the accurate measurement of bores from 1 - 6 mm and features a completely new integral digital readout. While Bowers’ extremely robust and easy to use SmartPlug measuring plug gauges are designed to provide great speed of use, unmatched measuring accuracy and superb repeatability, even when used in harsh industrial environments.

As UK agent for Sylvac, Bowers will also be demonstrating a wide range of recently launched digital gauges from the renowned Swiss manufacturer, including the S-Dial Work Nano Bluetooth Smart digital indicators with advanced wireless communication capability.

Blum-Novotest (Stand 39), a leading supplier of innovative high-quality measuring and testing technology will launch its new BG60 bore gauge. The measuring system is used for the mass production of workpieces with close-tolerance bores. Even in a machining centre, the BG60 contributes significantly to improved productivity and continuous quality assurance.

"The BG60 bore gauge is ideal when it comes to minimising measurement times and maximising precision during bore production," explains Wolfgang Reiser, Technical Director at Blum-Novotest. "Particularly in the mass production of workpieces with identical bore diameters such as engine components – cylinder heads and blocks, connecting rods, valves or hydraulic components, the BG60 really comes into its own. Ultimately, its measuring time of less than 0.5 seconds per diameter outperforms every other machine-integrated measuring system on the market."

Measurement is performed locally in the machining setup, thus ensuring that faulty workpieces are immediately detected. The gauge is handled in the machine like a standard tool and is loaded into the spindle for measurement. The entire measuring operation therefore runs automatically.

A major advantage of the BG60 is the way it generates measuring values. Unlike other process-oriented measuring systems, the diameter values recorded are not based on the machine's current axis positions. The BG60 is equipped with a dedicated analogue measuring mechanism that operates independently of the machine accuracy, offering genuine objectivity. The mechanism is float-mounted, which enables simple diameter measurement independent of the exact spindle position.

The measurement resolution in this case is 12 bit/0.15μm. As with all Blum equipment, the BG60 is an opto-electronic measuring system that offers wear-free operation and therefore exceptional reliability. The BG60 is supplied with a bore gauge for the specific application. Depending on the gauge used, bore diameters from 3 – 200mm can be measured. The analogue measuring value is then transmitted via radio signals to the receiver.

Europac3D (Stand 41) has an array of 3D scanners, including the new Artec Spider, probing and scanning arms and Rexcan small-object and dental scanners, to demonstrate the latest in 3D scanning technologies. See these in action at the Europac3D stand with real-time demonstrations and information on pricing and training.

With the recent appointment as resellers of 3DSystems range of 3D Printers, Europac3D will also be available to discuss 3DSystems printing technology and show how the printers can suit a variety of business needs, including prototyping and wax casting.

Europac3D has an install base of more than 200 systems throughout the UK and provides staff training in software and hardware. The company also supply’s a full 3D scanning service for the purposes of reverse engineering, prototyping, archiving, 3D inspection and rotatable web imagery, and this has included work for the automotive, aerospace, dental, heritage, film and fashion industries.

IMSM (Stand 22) says ISOs (or International Standards) are a trusted symbol of quality. By becoming ISO certified, your business gains a similar level of international recognition as meeting the standards that are important to your industry. It shows commitment to those standards. It might be commitment to a high standard of quality management through ISO 9001 or reducing your organisation’s environmental impact through ISO 14001 or commitment to keeping clients’ and staff data secure through ISO 27001. It is a commitment that can be recognised by potential customers, existing customers and staff.

The process of gaining ISO certification can provide the opportunity to improve your business and IMSM can help at every step of the way. “Our fixed fee approach allows you to calculate the cost/benefit of ISO certification to your business. Our experienced assessors have a flexible approach that will help you to produce a set of procedures that are tailored to your business objectives,” explains Richard Beacham.

Founded in 1994, IMSM has grown to become an international market leader in supporting organisations gain ISO certification. With over 10,000 clients across a wide range of business sectors and offices in 20 countries, the company can draw on a wealth of experience to help businesses.

IndySoft (Stand 2) will be introducing the new version 9.0 of its Gauge/Asset Management and Tracking software. Managing director, Jake Bishop, states: “Don't rely on Excel worksheets, Access databases and other in-house code to manage this critical part of your business. IndySoft has an off-the-shelf product that is fully supported and maintained. Be sure to benefit from thousands of previous users requirements and requests in businesses across all industries around the world.”

The software has taken almost 20 years of continuous development to get to Version 9.0, and IndySoft believes that the purchase of a good calibration and asset management system in one of the most important decisions a business can make in relation to its quality programme needs. The right software package is one that's going to compliment and augment a process, the way the customers wants it.

It provides an easy to use and highly configurable workspace where customers can even import equipment images and create company-specific workflow charts. Tracking equipment, it's location, who uses it and when it next requires calibration, preventative maintenance, service, and so on is all shown on the clearly laid-out screen.

Keep a track of all equipment with a History tracker that even displays historical calibration certificates that have been created either in-house by a company laboratory or by an external subcontracted facility.

Physical Digital (Stand 26) is the only independent 3D measurement bureau in the UK using the GOM ATOS Triple scan and TRITOP optical measurement systems, offering customers the highest quality results that help businesses to cut turn-around time and reduce production errors. The nature of its services means manufacturers can send smaller components to its dedicated facility for off-site measurement, or its staff can come and work as part of your team.

“There’s no project we can’t help with; current customers range from medical innovation suppliers to marine businesses, and the objects we measure can be anything from the smallest components to large and complex machinery,” says director, Tim Rapley. “If you are looking for a professional, experienced and responsive team to handle 3D scanning for your products or components, talk to us.”

Physical Digital offers the benefit of the latest 3D non-contact optical scanning equipment, and a portfolio of industry-leading software to deliver data in the required format. The company provides Reverse Engineering, Quality Control, 3D Design, Computer Aided Engineering, and Digital Archives.

Trac (Stand 19) is announcing the launch of a new Easicheck revision for use with non-contact scanning systems. The latest Easicheck artefact enables the user to perform interim verification checks on non-contact scanning systems. It is recommended that scanning systems are checked at regular intervals, as part of the ISO 10360 standard.

The latest model features a number of advanced benefits, including coated artefacts for use with non-contact scanning systems, a smooth rather than matt coating which can also be used with contact probing systems, hard wearing coating which will not crack, peel or flake, 400mm + 50mm Length Bars, 50mm external Ring Gauge, 30mm sphere and cone.

All artefacts are coated and supplied with UKAS certificates, supplied with a user guide and a high quality storage case.

This year on Stand 11, Yorkshire Precision Gauges (YPG) will be exhibiting its new range of B2 digital gauges, alongside the range of Oskar Schwenk indicating bore gauges and the traditional YPG fixed limit gauges.

Originally developed for the aerospace and automotive industries, B2 digital gauges are easy to use and are designed to enable a quick and accurate measurement of gap and step applications. On the stand YPG will be exhibiting the popular Gap & Step Gauge, the Check Fixture Mini and will also be launching the new 3-point step gauge.

Full Exhibitor List (with stand numbers)

1 Taylor Hobson

2 Indysoft

3 Wenzel

4 Renishaw

5 3D Scanners

6 Hexagon

7 Hexagon

8 Hexagon


10 Alicona

11 Yorkshire Precision Gauges

12 Metrology Direct


14 Verisurf

15 Mahr

16 Bowers

17 Bowers

18 Delcam

19 Trac

20 ATS


23 Nikon

23A Bruker

24 GOM

25 Eley Metrology

26 Physical Digital

27 Airbus

28 Avon-Dynamic Calibration

29 Heidenhain

30 Steinbichler

31 Brunson Instrument

32 Metrology Direct

33 Solartron

34 Tinius Olsen


36 Spectrum

37 Micron Metrology

38 Carl Zeiss

39 Blum

40 Third Dimension

41 Europac