British event to focus on latest advancements in measurement for manufacturing

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IndySoft (Stand 2) will be introducing the new version 9.0 of its Gauge/Asset Management and Tracking software. Managing director, Jake Bishop, states: “Don't rely on Excel worksheets, Access databases and other in-house code to manage this critical part of your business. IndySoft has an off-the-shelf product that is fully supported and maintained. Be sure to benefit from thousands of previous users requirements and requests in businesses across all industries around the world.”

The software has taken almost 20 years of continuous development to get to Version 9.0, and IndySoft believes that the purchase of a good calibration and asset management system in one of the most important decisions a business can make in relation to its quality programme needs. The right software package is one that's going to compliment and augment a process, the way the customers wants it.

It provides an easy to use and highly configurable workspace where customers can even import equipment images and create company-specific workflow charts. Tracking equipment, it's location, who uses it and when it next requires calibration, preventative maintenance, service, and so on is all shown on the clearly laid-out screen.

Keep a track of all equipment with a History tracker that even displays historical calibration certificates that have been created either in-house by a company laboratory or by an external subcontracted facility.

Physical Digital (Stand 26) is the only independent 3D measurement bureau in the UK using the GOM ATOS Triple scan and TRITOP optical measurement systems, offering customers the highest quality results that help businesses to cut turn-around time and reduce production errors. The nature of its services means manufacturers can send smaller components to its dedicated facility for off-site measurement, or its staff can come and work as part of your team.

“There’s no project we can’t help with; current customers range from medical innovation suppliers to marine businesses, and the objects we measure can be anything from the smallest components to large and complex machinery,” says director, Tim Rapley. “If you are looking for a professional, experienced and responsive team to handle 3D scanning for your products or components, talk to us.”

Physical Digital offers the benefit of the latest 3D non-contact optical scanning equipment, and a portfolio of industry-leading software to deliver data in the required format. The company provides Reverse Engineering, Quality Control, 3D Design, Computer Aided Engineering, and Digital Archives.

Trac (Stand 19) is announcing the launch of a new Easicheck revision for use with non-contact scanning systems. The latest Easicheck artefact enables the user to perform interim verification checks on non-contact scanning systems. It is recommended that scanning systems are checked at regular intervals, as part of the ISO 10360 standard.

The latest model features a number of advanced benefits, including coated artefacts for use with non-contact scanning systems, a smooth rather than matt coating which can also be used with contact probing systems, hard wearing coating which will not crack, peel or flake, 400mm + 50mm Length Bars, 50mm external Ring Gauge, 30mm sphere and cone.

All artefacts are coated and supplied with UKAS certificates, supplied with a user guide and a high quality storage case.