British event to focus on latest advancements in measurement for manufacturing

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What’s on show

The GTMA outlined some of the exhibitions:

3D Scanners (Stand 5) will be demonstrating PolyWorks’ new Direct Replay re-measurement technology, along with its recently released New Play inspection tool, which automatically builds a guided step-by-step sequence to capture 3D datasets of a new piece. Other features including the new Slab feature will also be demonstrated.

Direct Replay, which originally focused on handling point-cloud-only measurement tasks, simplified the inspection of multiple pieces with its Play Extraction tool and automatic project update capabilities. This allowed users to directly measure and inspect a new piece from an existing inspection project without recording operations, programming or scripting. Now, the Play Inspection tool in PolyWorks’ Direct Replay brings automation to the inspection of multiple pieces, since it provides a guided sequence that is automatically built in real-time and handles point-cloud digitizers and probing devices.

The power of the new Play Inspection tool is in its ability to automatically propose a logical order of measurement (based on device positions, data alignments, object tree view sequence, and geometric constraints; trigger the right measurement method for each object (laser scanner plug-in, file browser, or probing device; and manage multiple device positions.

Alicona (Stand 10) provides customer-oriented, innovative standard and customised measurement solutions in the micro and nano range to deliver efficient and easy-to-achieve quality assurance in 3D.

The company offers the high-end optical measurement system Infinite Focus for the laboratory as well as production processes. Key competences include outstanding solutions for the accurate and easy 3D measurement of complex topographies, such as geometries with steep flanks and diffuse reflections.

Leading companies successfully use the firm’s products in research and development activities, as well as in quality assurance. Alicona systems are in use whenever surfaces need to be measured quickly, precisely and reliably.

Continuous research and development guarantees state-of-the-art solutions for optical measurement and inspection systems based on requirements. And with systems designed to serve specific needs, Alicona’s customer relationships, service and professional project execution assure products and measurement solutions tailored to your demands.