Work Safety Brady printer provides signs for safety and efficiency

Editor: Steffen Donath

A simple safety sign can prevent costly workplace accidents as long as it is easy to see. With the BradyJet J2000 Colour Label Printer, users can print on-site noticeable, full colour safety signs, tags, pipe markers or lean instruction labels whenever they are needed.

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(Source: Brady)

With over 16 million colour variations, the new BradyJet J2000 enables industries to print their own safety signs, tags, pipe markers and lean instruction labels to increase workplace safety and efficiency and at the same time comply with any regulatory colour code. Quality images and pictures can be added to any sign thanks to the printer's high, photo-quality printing resolution of 4800 dpi.

The BradyJet J2000 prints on Brady's reliable indoor sign, tag and label materials that stay attached and remain legible when exposed to liquids, alcohol and indoor lighting. They can be counted on to warn coworkers about hazards, or to instruct them on the optimal use or maintenance of machinery.

With 26.4 by 38.9 cm dimensions, the BradyJet J2000 has a small footprint and is very practical and easy to use. Spring loaded Brady label rolls can be switched quickly and with automatic label set up, the printer is ready to print in no time. And with up to 63 mm per second print speed, even larger colour coded sample labels can quickly be printed on demand.