Machine Tool Fair BIEMH 2012 organisers tout deals, increase in foreign participation

Editor: Eric Culp

Exhibitors and the more than 34,000 visitors at the 27th BIEMH international machine tool fair in Spain have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the country’s biggest industrial trade show.

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Ignacio Torrecilla, chairman of joint organiser AFM, the Spanish tool makers’ association said, “This has been a true industrial meeting point and a driving force for the recovery that we need. It has provided a sound foundation on which we must build.”

Torrecilla said surveys found that 90% of exhibitors considered this year’s BIEMH as good as or better than the previous one, and 75% of machine tool manufacturers believed they were entering a growth period.

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A significant number of major deals were said to have been concluded during the six days of the show at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC), which jointly organises the biennial exhibition with (AFM).

The centre’s CEO, José Miguel Corres, said show attendees included EU-based purchasers and specialists from non-EU countries whose markets are principal machine tool importers. The latter group hailed from China, Turkey, Ukraine, India, Mexico, Brazil, Algeria, Morocco, Russia, Egypt, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Overall, 9% more foreign visitors attended this BIEMH compared to 2010. They came from 56 countries and reportedly expressed the most interest in metal-cutting machines, tools and accessories, metal-forming machines, and production automation. The next BIEMH takes place on 2–7 June 2014.

BIEMH 2012

Bilbao, Spain

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