AMPCO Metal Beryllium-Free Copper Mould Making Alloy Features High Strength, Thermal Conductivity

Author / Editor: Eric Culp / Jürgen Schreier

AMPCO Metal, an integrated producer and distributor of specialty copper alloys, employs proprietary manufacturing processes and complex alloy compositions to give its Ampcoloy® 944 copper-silicon-chromium alloy for mould making unique properties. Distinctive for being free of beryllium, this strong copper alloy offers mould makers an attractive balance of hardness (28 HRc on average) and thermal conductivity (156 W/mK, five to six times greater than P20 tool steel and six to seven times greater than H-13 tool steel), and an electrical conductivity of approximately 35% IACS.

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Ampcoloy 944 is offered as an alternative mould material that can reduce both material scrap and machining time. Suited for the construction of injection- and blow-mould inserts for a broad range of plastics, the alloy exhibits outstanding corrosion resistance with PVC resins and has displayed excellent results in thermoforming applications.

Relying on Ampcoloy 944 for cores and cavities, plastics processors have found that it can shorten moulding cycles and thus improve productivity, as well as produce dimensionally stable plastic parts, reduce post-mould part distortion, and increase design flexibility. Mould service lifetimes are long, and, by not requiring heat treatment, the alloy can lower machining and production costs. This Ampcoloy’s high hardness makes it suitable for runnerless moulds, hot runner nozzles, and many mould components, such as core pins and sprue bushings.

Ampcoloy 944 is available from stock in 25- to 100-mm round rods and in plates as thick as 100 mm. Other forms can be supplied upon request.

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Marly, Switzerland