NSK Bagging cereals without failure

Editor: Steffen Donath

NSK linear guides with K1 lubrication units have helped a cereal manufacturer overcome contamination issues on its bagging machines, a move that is saving the company almost 65,000 euro a year.

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K1 lubrication units extended operating life by twelve months at the cereal plant.
K1 lubrication units extended operating life by twelve months at the cereal plant.
(Source: NSK)

After enduring regular failures across its four bagging machines, the cereal plant decided to call in NSK and leverage the company’s experience in diagnosing issues of this type. The application review performed by the expert team of NSK engineers revealed that the problem was attributed to dust and cereal particles entering the guide carriage and contaminating the lubricant, leading to premature failures.

With the failures occurring on a monthly basis, and faced with high maintenance and lost production costs, the cereal manufacturer asked NSK to propose a solution.

NSK recommended its K1 lubrication units, together with new linear guide and rail assemblies, which the company estimated would extend operating life by up to twelve months. In addition, the cereal manufacturer would be able to reduce maintenance and equipment downtime, achieving significant cost savings.

To put the theory into practice, a trial of the NSK solution was carried out at the cereal plant, which indeed showed a minimum of one year maintenance-free operation.

The K1 lubrication unit’s material consists of 70 % mineral oil and 30 % polyolefin resin, ensuring long operating life under tough lubrication conditions. As well as improved performance, this clean method of lubrication has far less impact on the environment than conventional systems.

Now installed across all four machines, it has been calculated that the NSK solution is saving 64,625 euro per annum for the cereal manufacturer, based on reduced maintenance costs alone, according to the company.

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