Open Mind Technologies Award-winning CAM software on show at Mach

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Germany – Open Mind will be giving its UK exhibition premiere to the latest version of its award winning Hyper-Mill CAM software.

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New strategy for high-performance finishing of plane surfaces.
New strategy for high-performance finishing of plane surfaces.
(Source: Open Mind)

Version 2016.2 includes several new CAM strategies aimed at improving roughing, finishing and drilling performance.

The company says that one of the highlights of the software suite is the Maxx machining performance package which offers three modules.

One module is fast roughing that includes numerous cycles for milling in trochoidal tool paths for fast and reliable HPC machining. New technologies for chip removal are designed to deliver high utilisation rates and faster roughing speeds for all types of machining from 2D to 5X simultaneously. Also, high-speed roughing of both prismatic and curved component faces is supported. Another module, the finishing module, includes pre-finishing and finishing of planes and free-form surfaces with various barrel cutters. Open Mind says this allows time to be saved along with improvement in surface quality.

Another new performance strategy, the 5-axis helical-drilling cycle, involves helical milling with a forward lead angle. A tilt angle to the side is then used as part of collision avoidance, meaning, only one tool is needed for different drill diameters and pre-drilling is eliminated.

Also new, is a CAM development for plane machining that is said to save time of up to 90% when using conical barrel cutters with path distances of 6 and 8 mm being possible.