EMO 2017 Automation assistant for metalworking industry

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

The Finnish provider for automation systems, Fastems releases the latest version of its software for automated pallet handling for the metalworking industry at EMO Hanover 2017.

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Access and flexibility are key factors for an automated production. MMS delivers that for pallet handling.
Access and flexibility are key factors for an automated production. MMS delivers that for pallet handling.
(Source: Matti Nenonen)

According to Fastems, the Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) is a progressive solution for automatic production processing. It enables users to plan, control. visualiase and monitor capabilities. The upcoming version is the MMS Version 6. According to the company, Fastems has more than 30 years experience with developing automation concepts.

The latest software version was developed taking user requirements and suggestions into account, Fastems says. The company's engineers worked with this feedback to develop a number of improvements. These include utilities for advance production order planning long before they are in queue for machining. Another feature is the simulation of the anticipated capacity usage level in an automatic production process. According to Fastems, Version 6 enables users to plan future manufacturing runs much more precisely.

This was possible because of an additional set of software tools that allow users to verify the future production resource requirements. A number of key factors can ba assessed before the order is executed, for example, the availability of materials, tools, and the upcoming capacity requirements of the machines.

A software that makes the production plan

MMS Version 6 is capable of planning the production from an ERP system or Pallet Stacker system, taking current orders and all required or available ressources into account. It also monitors tool data and tool life and prompts the operator for new tooling if required. According to Fastems, the software can react flexibly to unforseen events. For example, if a particularly urgent order comes in, MMS is able to rearrange the schedule automatically to compensate for the new dead lines and production priorities.

T´he MMS is now based in HTML 5, Fastem reports, and therefore supports various hardware platforms and operating systems. Additionally, it is browser-based, which makes it accessible from everywhere, as long as there is a secure internet connection. Users are therefore able to retrieve production data or to rearranger production plans with devices such as smartphones and tablets.