Lasys 2012 Attendance at German laser-processing fair jumps more than one-third

Editor: Eric Culp

Messe Stuttgart, organiser of the Lasys international trade fair for laser material processing, said 34% more people visited the exhibition in June compared to the last one in 2010.

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More than 5,200 visitors checked in at the Stuttgart show during its three-day stint last month, and nearly every fourth visitor was from outside Germany, the organiser said. Gerhard Hein, director of the German engineering federation’s working group for lasers and laser systems for material processing, noted that “the term ‘laser material processing’ has been successfully popularised. The market participants have adopted the focus of Lasys.”

The organiser said the show’s 170 some exhibitors presented innovations and advancements in machines, laser-specific machine subsystems, processes and services for laser material processing. Around 28% of exhibitors were from outside Germany, with most were from Europe. The 17 countries of origin included the USA, Canada and China.

Manufacturers well-represented

The portion of Lasys 2012 visitors representing industry was 76%, or 5% more than two years ago, the organiser said. “This growth makes clear that Lasys has established itself as a users’ trade fair,” stressed Thomas Walter, manager of the Industry & Technology Department at Messe Stuttgart.

Ninety percent of visitors said they were involved in their companies’ investment and procurement decisions, according to the show organiser. And they want to invest: 34% were planning investments exceeding €100,000. They sought primarily plants and systems, including systems for macrolaser material processing (43%), systems for microlaser material processing or precision engineering (38%), process and machining process technology (37%), laser units (25%) and measuring and testing systems (19%).

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Visitors indicated they were very satisfied with the exhibitors’ offer, Messe Stuttgart said. It noted that 95% would recommend Lasys to colleagues. In addition, 93% said they want to come back for Lasys 2014. Dates for the next Lasys fair are still being arranged, and it will once again take place in conjunction with O&S, the international trade fair for surface treatments and coatings, and the UKIP automotive trade fairs.

Lasys 2012

Stuttgart, Germany

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