Asco Asco pleased with metalcasting congress

Editor: Briggette Jaya

USA – Asco Carbon Dioxide Inc., supplier of dry-ice blasting and dry-ice production machines, presented its wide range of Ascojet dry blasting units at the recently held Metalcasting Congress in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

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Zane Butler, general manager of Asco Inc., welcomed many interested visitors in Milwaukee.
Zane Butler, general manager of Asco Inc., welcomed many interested visitors in Milwaukee.
(Source: Asco Carbon Dioxide)

Dry-ice blasting allows an efficient yet gentle cleaning of all kind of surfaces and Asco Inc., a subsidiary of the Switzerland-based Asco Carbon Dioxide Ltd. that is a major manufacturer of dry ice blasting machines and CO2 related equipment, advises and supports all North American customers when it comes to the correct application of dry-ice blasting and the purchase of the right dry-ice blasting devices.

Zane Butler, general manager of Asco Inc., said he was pleased with the many interesting discussions he had with visitors at the booth: “During the two days, we were able to inform numerous interested visitors about the Ascojet dry-ice blasting technology and the feedback has been consistently positive. For us, it is a clear sign that there is a great demand for different cleaning solutions and providers in the United States."

The company's solutions do not only include expert advice on the choice of the most appropriate Asco blasting units, it also noted the importance of having the right quantity of dry-ice supply, at the right time and in the right place. These attributes and high quality are needed to achieve optimal cleaning results.

In the next few weeks, the company will introduce a new product innovation in the field of dry-ice blasting which will further complete the current portfolio for dry-ice blasting machines and will open up new possibilities for more applications.

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